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Researchers, students, professors, lawyers, journalists, and the list goes on.

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Use cases

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Research interviews

Record and transcribe research interviews using a fully GDPR compliant tool with focus on data privacy and security.

Class notes

Make your university lectures searchable by recording the lecture and turn it into text. Exportable and shareable with other students.

Phone calls

Record your phone calls using a third party application and upload the audio file to Konch with a few simple clicks.


Record your depositions and transcribe the full recording instantly. Focus on what’s important and let us do the rest.

Video captioning

Add subtitles to your lectures, marketing videos or promotional videos in our easy to use editor and export .SRT or .VTT files.

Zoom meetings

More and more communication happens on Zoom, Skype or Microsoft Teams. Record your meeting, upload and receive a full transcript.

ADA Compliance

Caption all public video content to ensure you compliance with Americans Disability Act. It’s not a choice, it’s law.

Court transcripts

Upload court transcripts to Konch for an instant transcription that is fully searchable and exportable.

Loved by New York University

“NYU’s digital library team was looking for a captioning solution for our cultural heritage materials. We selected Konch for a few reasons: accuracy of their captioning solution, automation possibilities through their API, and availability of an interface for manual corrections. Working with the Konch team is like a dream: we ask for features and they implement them quickly and efficiently. As a result, we will be able to provide quality captions for our researchers.”

Carol Kassel, Senior Manager, Library, NYU.