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Fully GDPR Compliant

We’re GDPR experts, so you don’t have to be. For European customers, all Konch data is fully portable, deletable, and processed within the EU. Contact us if you want to have a chat with our DPO.

Exact Timestamps

00:00:01, 00:00:20. Our editor automatically adds exact timestamps to your transcript so it’s easy to find specific sections of your interview.

Multilingual Support

Konch understands English, Spanish, Danish, and 12 other languages. We’re constantly optimizing our transcription engine, and add new ones when we’re comfortable we can deliver high quality results—every time.

Wrong Word Highlight

Konch assigns each word a confidence score, and highlights ones that might be wrong in red. Now you can easily find and fix mistakes.

Smooth Post Editing

Fix on the fly. Imagine a text editor where you can edit your transcript while your media plays alongside it. Tweak the text as you listen to ensure everything is 100% correct, and speed up or slow down as needed.

Easy Annotations

Sometimes it’s useful make a note while transcribing your files. Simply highlight a word or sentence and write a note for later. All notes are included in your transcript export.


Make edits to your transcripts effortlessly while keeping your timestamps accurate.

Version Control

Revert back to old versions of your transcript without worrying about data loss.


Everyone is different. Make the editor your own by specifying your preferences.

GIF showing various settings options on the Konch transcription platform
GIF showing annotations


Highlight important pieces of text and annotate or tag it.

All data captured using our app or transcribed using our automated transcription service is processed and stored within the EU for our EU based customers.

Loved by Texas A&M

“Konch transcription saved us several weeks of work and the related stress and carpal tunnel symptoms as well as several thousand dollars’ worth of labor by students or professional transcriptionists.”

Dr. Michael Bayerlein, Professor, Texas A&M